Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas goodies.

I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and got all they wanted. I certainly got spoilt rotten this year with plenty of new musical goodies. So without further adieu.. 

  • Erasure - The Innocents (CD+DVD Hardback Book edition)
  • The Jackson 5 boxset containing first four studio albums
  • Factory Records Boxset
  • Pet Shop Boys - Christmas EP
  • Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe (Boxset)
  • Queen - Greatest Hits (3CD)
  • Erasure - Hits!
  • Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense
  • Michael Jackson - Life of an Icon
  • Kylie Minogue - Ahprodite Tour 
  •  Shaun Ryder - You're Twisting my Melon Man (Autobiography)
  • Queen - 40 Years of Queen
  • The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson
  • Michael Jackson - Stories You Were Never Meant to Read.
I'll post about some of them individually in the coming days, I think the first one will be on the Depeche Mode boxset, enjoy the rest of the holidays everyone!

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