Friday, 9 December 2011

A funny video and a (sort of) album testing update

So one band I've been giving a serious listening too lately is Depeche Mode and I am starting to really adore these guys. It took some time for them to grow on me (due to reasons I'll explain in a future post). Absolutely loving Songs of Faith of Devotion, Violator and Some Great Reward in particular. So I've been investigating their live shows which I am really enjoying, I think their lead singer Dave Gahan  seems like a brilliant frontman and I think thats evident in this brilliant little live blooper. Its from the Touring The Angel tour, during Everything Counts. Rather embarassingly I had to get my friend Ena to explain to me the blunder (I'm a total Depeche Mode novice forgive me!), it turns out the blunder is that Dave starts singing the sing a few seconds too early, he keeps going for a bit then realises. His reaction is incredibly funny, I love how he turns it into a joke with the audience rather than getting all uptight as sometimes bands seem to do when they screw up. Great little video from a band fast climbing my favourite artist lists!

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