Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Initial thoughts of Madonna - MDNA

Yesterday I picked up the Deluxe Edition of Madonna's new album MDNA on the first day of release! I've given it two full plays so far (hoping for a third listen later on possibly), I've still got to listen to the second disc yet, so this is just some initial thoughts about the main album. It's not a full review, I'll start working on that next week possibly when I've given both discs multiple plays. So far I'm really enjoying it and think its going to be charting high on my list of favourite Madonna albums!
  • I have to say its a big step up from Hard Candy (which I did like). Most of the songs have instantly grabbed me, and there is no song on the album I dislike (I disliked a few on Hard Candy). 
  • Gimme All Your Luvin doesn't really represent the album, I think it was chosen for the lead single purely for the "L-U-V Madonna!" chants to tie in with the Superbowl half-time performance. Its actually quite a sparse arrangement compared to the other tracks.
  • Its incredibly contemporary, much the way that Hard Candy was, but also harks back to older Madonna (Hung Up sample in Love Spent and Superstar has a sort of True Blue era vibe I think).
  •  Its probably not as introspective as I was expecting, and its incredibly dancey, probably her most danceable album along with Confessions On A Dancefloor. It definitely benefits being played from on a good set of speakers.
  • It definitely needs repeated listens too. It's very chaotic in the sense that a lot seems to be happening. Its worth noting though that during my initial first play, I had just heard some sad news about a teacher that I respected very much who died unexpectedly at the weekend, which would have affected my ability to take things in. Although I don't think its possible to take it all in on one listening, and there's a lot of breakdowns and build-ups, it feels like at least if at least one (if not both) every track. Many of the tracks also tend to start off one way, then change into something pretty different, Love Spent being a good example, the song initially doesn't sound that much like the leaked snippet at all.
  • There are some tracks which I think will go down as Madonna classics: Gang Bang, Love Spent and Falling Free in particular, but I like every song (so far I have to say that Some Girls and I Don't Give A are my least favourites, but even still they're both good songs) Masterpiece also fits in surprisingly well, and has really grown on me, I now really like it!

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