Thursday, 8 March 2012

Quirky clocks

These are probably the weirdest music items I own. I was in town with my mother a few days before Christmas 2011 to get some presents. I went into a market called St George's Market, somewhere I don't go very often that contains an array of stalls selling all sorts from fish to candles to clothes, in the hope we'd get my brother a really quirky present. On my way in I spotted a series of vinyls on the wall, and suggested to my mum we should have a look there. Much to our suprise, we discovered they actually sell old vinyls as clocks! They had a wide variety of artists I like such as The Beatles, Madonna, Prince, and to be quite honest I could have gone nuts! When I went to the box of vinyls to see what else they had, as the girl who ran the stall told me they could also make them up on the spot if I chose a vinyl, the first artist I seen was Pet Shop Boys! Finding anything Pet Shop Boy's related in Belfast is rare (I've only bought two Pet Shop Boy's CD's from town ever) so I was shocked to find them here! They had West End Girls, Always On My Mind, Left To My Own Devices and I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing. Anyone who speaks to me will tell you how much I adore the work Pet Shop Boys did in the 90s in particular, so I went for I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing. I also spotted a vinyl of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson so I had that made into a clock too! It's funny, because I always said I wanted a vinyl of Billie Jean, and I ended up with it in a funny sort of way. Amazingly, it was the last day that the stall would be there at the marketplace, so I do feel very lucky that I picked these two up!

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