Friday, 28 December 2012

The Q Book of Punk Legends

My brother decided to clear a few of his old possessions out of the spare room, and rather surprisingly came across this! You can probably tell why I loved him finding this - that's Joe Strummer from The Clash on the front cover. It's rather funny that he found this whilst there's somewhat of a Clash phase going on in my house at the moment (I've made my brother and father interested in investigating them too). Anyhow, this came free with an old Q magazine in 1996. We're not actually sure who bought the issue but it was definitely either my brother or my dad, most likely my dad though. Its a good little book, it timelines key moments in various punk related bands careers, it even has an entry on Talking Heads bizarrely and I wouldn't class them as punk at all. I personally found the Clash entry more educational than their Westway To The World documentary; I wasn't sold on that documentary if I'm honest. Never the less, I'm pleased we found this in our house!

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