Sunday, 27 November 2011

Matters of musical importance: Pet Shop Boys - Its Alright

This is one of my most personal songs. Its an absolutely beautiful cover of a song originally by Sterling Void. Its not the most cryptic song they've ever done, but the simplitcity just adds to it I think. I fell in love with this song whilst going through some pretty tough times. I wasn't depressed or anything, but it was just one of those phases were I felt a bit under the weather and generally a bit stressed. I tend to think of the chorus of this song the aural equivalent of a hug and it always cheered me up no end. I guess the part of the song that I really love is the part were Neil sings "Its alright, I think its gonna be alright" and then Chris affirms "its gonna be alright". It borders on the affirmative for me, and I do think affirming things can really help lift someones mood. It kind of conjures up an image of someone who feels down, but then as the song crescends they come to the realisation that things will one day look up (I know the song is about world issues, but thats the feeling this song gives me also). I'm not saying this song saved my life or anything because it didn't, but for a 17 year old teenager who forgets (regrettably too much sometimes) that in reality I've got more than enough to be thankful for, this song does give me a better perspective of the world and that little bit of encouragement. For that reason it means a lot.

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