Saturday, 25 February 2012

Electronic - Disappointed

It may be unfair to call this a mere guest appearance, as Neil has lead vocals here. In terms of composition, the song has a piano riff which was based on Electronic member Johnny Marr's brother Ian,  prior to the release of New Order's 6th album Republic. It was then delevoped into a full backing track by Marr and fellow Electronic member Bernard Sumner (Of New Order and Joy Division fame) Following this, Neil was invited to complete the song, and wrote the vocal melody as well as the lyrics. As you can see, a lot of the song is down to Neil you could say, and you can tell. It does definitely sound like a Pet Shop Boys song apart from the music. Some of the lyrics take inspiration from Mylene Farmer's 1991 single Desenchante. I personally adore the song, and I love how the chords give it a somewhat ethereal quality and the guitar work by Johnny Marr is just the icing on the cake. I feel it gets overlooked despite it being their highest charting single (#6) in my home country of the United Kingdom, although that's probably in part owed to the fact it didn't appear on Electronics self titled debut, as it was originally included on the movie Cool World's soundtrack. It is such a shame that the song seems largely forgotten about (in comparision to Getting Away With It), which I think is mainly down to the reason that the song for many years was only available on the Now 22 compilation or the Cool World soundtrack. It was never on an Electronic release for many years. Its not hard to see why, as Bernard doesn't sing any of the vocals on the track it probably wouldn't fit on a proper Electronic album. It is included on the greatest hits album Get The Message however released in 2006. A great track that is worth checking out!

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