Tuesday, 26 June 2012

26th June 2010

For my music tastes, 26th June changed everything for me. In 2010, watching the TV for a few hours in the evening on that night would be a routine thing for me to do, only this time it would bring a fair amount of repercussions that would have an impact on years to come.

I was flicking through the TV with my father, Glastonbury Festival was in full swing, so there was plenty of coverage. None of the acts on TV really interested me, and Dad turned the channel that was broadcasting the headline performance of the Other Stage. The headliners? None other than a certain Pet Shop Boys.

I can be fussy when it comes to watching new things, I have to be a certain mood for testing new shows or music out, otherwise I won't be able to tell how much I've actually enjoyed it. And that night was one of those nights. Dad had said to me though, as he was leaving the room, that back in the day, they had a good sound and maybe I should give them a chance. I did watch their Brit Awards performance a year prior to that and had quite enjoyed it. I had been meaning to listen to their greatest hits, but with GCSE's I just didn't have time, especially as I was doing an incredibly demanding music course. Tonight though I just wasn't in the mood, and got up to change the channel. Then something made me take note.

Their stage show was epic, I can't remember the exact song that I started watching but I definitely caught about five or six tracks at least if not more. I remember seeing the elaborate costumes and stage design and I definitely sensed that they weren't your average duo. Never the less, I found the show oddly captivating, and a song began playing called "What Have I Done to Deserve This" I began really enjoying the song, even singing along with it by the end of the performance. I started to really enjoy their sound, but when Se A Vida E, mixed with elements of Discoteca and Domino Dancing and culminating in a brilliant cover of Coldplay's Viva La Vida, that's when I knew I had to check these guys out properly. I ended up with the TV speakers blasting and dancing around my living room like an idiot. Once the show had finished I stood up and applauded, something I've never done before or since. Yes, I had been wanting a new artist to get into for a few months prior to this, and now I think I found them. Song after song I enjoyed, they were an odd group for me because after Yes and PopArt I can't say I heard each album then in turn, it was more individual tracks which built up. Even then though, would I know the impact the had on me? Of course not....

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