Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Very Best of Smash Hits

If you squint hard enough at the name bottom left in green, you'll probably work out why I bought this! For those of you who don't know, prior to finding fame as lead vocalist of Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant was actually an editor for Smash Hits between 1982-1985. This book isn't vintage though, it was actually published in 2006. A good friend of mine, Jaleen, bought the book before me and recommended it to me saying it was worth the purchase. It was something that I wanted to get, but even still I walked into it by complete surprise! In town, there is literally the largest bookstore (mainly second hand) that I have ever seen, right beside the collectables store were I found Electronic - Disappointed on 12". Seriously, this place is huge and navigating round it can be hell! Anyhow, the first time I had been there I felt their music book selection was a little underwhelming but this time they had much more. Including this gem! It's also in brilliant condition, it literally looks brand new! The book is brilliant fun, basically it compiles quite literally, the best of Smash Hits. Honestly, initially I just bought it because it featured a foreword by Neil Tennant, but there;s so much humor in the book and various other artists that I like (including articles on Pet Shop Boys too) that it more than justified the cheap £3 I payed for it!

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