Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Invisible/Elysium initial reaction

So as you all know by now, a few days ago saw the leak of a new Pet Shop Boys track from upcoming album Elysium. This will obviously be a slightly harder post for me because I have absolutely no source material to base my opinions on whatsoever, so I could have interpreted the track and album title completely the wrong way. I have to say, so far I'm really enjoying the track even though it was completely different to what I had imagined what I thought would be the results of their sessions with a hip hop producer. I'm definitely glad this won't be single, its just not commercially viable at all. I love the synths and really, the whole mellow feel of the track makes me think of Behaviour almost. Many fans have noted the bleak lyrics and have speculated that they reflect a possibility of retirement after this album, personally however I'm not so sure. The lyrics are very sad, but listening to it I don't think the invisibility that the narrator of the song (I'm pretty sure the lyrics are autobiographical about their career really.) is something that is coming up. The lyrics state "I've become invisible" so for me, they've already arrived at this state of non-existence or whatever the song may be trying to convey. Honestly, at the moment I think the song is about then reflecting their growing age, and how that makes them stand out in the pop world, arguably the style of music that is most centered around youth, youth again being discussed in the lyrics. As for the album title Elysium? Again, I don't think its about retirement. It could be that this is the start of a new phase for Pet Shop Boys, plus this is also their first album of the new decade. Whilst the album does mean afterlife, it can also be used to describe an ideal condition or place for someone but one that is make-believe. Personally, I think this may be an album about them coming to terms with the fact that they probably will never reach the commercial peaks of the 80's and that this "afterlife" could be symbolic of them working in a musical environment without constraints. I'm going to really go far-fetched here, it may also symbolize a possible change in their handling of their career: I mean CD sales at the moment are incredibly poor so maybe things like physical single's are coming to an end. I don't think this will be a commercial record though; with Yes and Together I felt that was one last stab at commercial success, but with Together really not being a hit they may have re-evaluated or something. Even their choice of producer: young and more experienced with hip-hop seemed like a bizarre choice in itself and whilst I did worry they were going to attempt to sell out initially: judging by Invisible and comments from Popjustice that called the songs "complicated" and noted their "warm and reflective" character; I think they've possibly attempted to make anything but a commercial album. Personally, that was the direction I was hoping they'd take: very electronic, but a bit more experimental than Yes. This is all speculation at the moment, but for now I simply cannot wait for September!

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