Sunday, 22 July 2012

Literally finished so new book!

So I finished Literally, the book chronicling Pet Shop Boys first tour last night. I should have finished it a bit sooner if I'm honest, but a few days here and there of not reading slowed my progress down somewhat. What I won't be finishing anytime soon though is my new book: The authorized biography of The Beatles by Hunter Davies. I'm 50 pages in already, astonishingly enough that's still only the introduction, about another 30 pages to go until I come to the first chapter actually. Never the less though its become already clear that Hunter Davies clearly has a vast knowledge of The Beatles (this book was originally published in the late 60's and has been updated) and their career, and I'm finding it a very interesting read. It will no doubt be a lot to digest though as I'm still researching their music, and other than the very basics that they come from Liverpool, that George and John are dead and so forth, I know little else about them in terms of contextual information. Still, very much looking forward to reading on and discovering more!

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