Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Please vinyl

This I found the same day I got my first Pet Shop Boys 7" and the old issue of NME magazine with Bernard Sumner on the cover. Its the second album of theirs I own on LP (the first being Introspective). For whatever reason, this cost a few pound more than Introspective did, honestly not sure why that is. I actually got alerted to this being in the vintage record shop via a friend, for whatever reason I missed this first time round, even when I went back to get it it actually still took some time to track down in the P section. Its in good condition, but it has a slight nick at the top of the cover in the centre, but that could be due to people flicking through the records and scuffing the top of it. Neverless, I'm still pleased (ahem) to have it!

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