Monday, 20 August 2012

Fascinations of the minute: Nirvana/Kurt Cobain

So lately I've been listening to Nirvana more, thanks to a recomendation of a good friend of mine. Naturally, I'm also looking more into the life and sad death of their iconic lead singer, Kurt Cobain. I have to admit, I am enjoying their music much more than I would have anticipated, I've always really liked Smells Like Teen Spirit but its become clear, even at this early stage of investigating their work that there was definitely a consistent high quality to their material, and I've enjoyed the vast majority of the songs I've heard so far much more than Smells Like Teen Spirit! . A particular example is that I've been enjoying a song of theirs called Scentless Apprentice a lot lately, which has a sound (namely the screaming really) that I usually don't enjoy listening to at all, yet I love the song for some strange reason. What has taken me aback most of all though, is Kurt Cobain himself. I've always been indifferent to both Kurt and the band, but I guess I would have expected him to be a stereotypical macho rockstar in interviews and what have you, again though that's been far from the case, and seeing various pictures and footage of him with his daughter Frances Bean, and in particular a clip were he stands up for a female member of the audience at one of Nirvana's shows shows there is many facets of his personality I clearly haven't seen. I've currently been lent a copy of their With The Lights Out boxset kindly from my brother, and hope to borrow the Heavier Than Heaven biography on Kurt and his Journals book from my brother later in the week. So far, I'm really enjoying exploring their work and if I continue to enjoy it at this level then they're going to become one of my favourite artists of all time!

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