Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Performance Tour Programme

This is definitely one of my more unusual Pet Shop Boys items. This probably goes without saying, but in terms of the age of the item its one of the oldest Pet Shop Boys items that I have. Its their 1991 Performance tour program. I wish to stress that I wasn't actually at this show (I wasn't born until 1994) nor have I attended concert so far, but I am hoping that this will have changed by this time next year when they're touring Elysium. I found this on Ebay for £5 which I felt was a bargain considering Performance is my favorite Pet Shop Boys tour, I absolutely love that show. I did have a phase of wanting to collect their tour programs (and if they all cost £5 each I would) but most of their  tour programs seem to be pretty expensive on Ebay. Well, not expensive as such (usually around £20) but I wouldn't be willing to fork out £20 for a tour program that I never actually saw. Never the less I treasure this as its one of the genuinely vintage Pet Shop Boys items I actually own!

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