Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pet Shop Boys - Introspective (Book)

This is a new purchase I made, it arrived on Saturday. I've got more or less every English book on them that has been released now (well, I did discover there was a very small 35 page annual released here in UK in 1988, but its nowhere to be found on Amazon and will probably contain nothing that one of my other books doesn't cover). As you could probably tell, this is an also an unauthorized biography, released in 1991. Supposedly, it reads like a schoolkid wrote it (considering I'm only 18 I really can't criticize anyone for that) but from what I've heard of it, it gives some interesting information into their earlier years, a period where information can be pretty scarce. My copy is second hand of course, but I got lucky and ended up with an ex library copy, so it comes in a protective cover (it was in a library in London I think judging by the stamp inside). I won't be starting to read it for a few weeks yet, I have a Beatles book to finish and then about four more books to read before I can get round to it. I'm a fast reader though (I've read this Beatles book in two weeks and its a good bit longer than the other books I have to read) so it shouldn't be too long hopefully!

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