Saturday, 5 January 2013

Bad 25

So after three months (and it did feel like longer if I'm honest) I finally got Bad 25! This was a Christmas gift from my brother. Surprisingly, I hadn't actually seen this boxset in town at all, only the basic 2CD remaster edition. Anyhow, this boxset is terrific value. I have to confess something first of all: Bad is actually one of my least favorite Michael Jackson albums. Don't get me wrong, I still love it as an album but I do prefer both Thriller and Off The Wall. This package is absolutely brilliant though, and it isn't even the most expensive one you could get! The bigger one came in a case (which looked brilliant) with a tour programme & ticket replicas. It was lovely looking but incredibly dear and my mother saw Michael Jackson on the Bad tour so we already have a copy of the tour programme so there's no real need for us to purchase the bigger boxset. Anyhow, this also comes with a second disc of unreleased tracks and remixes (some of the unreleased tracks have become favourites of mine if I'm honest) and a recording of the Bad tour from Wembley. I would have liked some of the performances from Yokohama to be included on the DVD but that really is just splitting hairs. Its only the second tour of Michael Jackson's that has an official release on DVD and there's also a disc of audio from the tour too. It also comes with a poster and a sticker so its definitely recommended!

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