Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Clash studio albums (so far)

So, there's no prizes for guessing what band I've been listening to the most lately, and in the last two weeks I've finally got CD's to show for it. I've actually only got to get three more studio albums. Anyhow, how I began listening to The Clash is something that I can't really remember. I guess my interest in punk started by reading Torn Apart (the Ian Curtis biopic) and naturally the first place to start was Sex Pistols and The Clash. I didn't investigate both artists fully at the time (more dabbling) but whilst I liked both I did feel that in the longer term I would turn out more of a Clash fan than Sex Pistols, alias its happened. What reinsigated my interest really was seeing Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros preform on London Songs At The BBC (the song being The Clash's London Calling). That made me keen to continue my investigation, but what sealed the deal was listening to a copy of The Singles collection boxset (the big one that has all the B-sides and such). It floored me! I started listening to them in more depth and I've been hooked ever since. I got Sandinista! and Combat Rock for Christmas and Give Em Enough Rope was on sale yesterday in Head. Anyhow, I'm actually going to be a tad controversial here: I don't rate London Calling as their best album. It's great yes, but I do love Sandinista and Combat Rock just that tad more. Sandinista is an album you have to admire really - it has 36 tracks in what has to be the most varied album I've ever heard in terms of sound. It epitomizes why I've developed such a love for The Clash really - the variety of music they had is nothing short of amazing and it elevates them above mere "punk band" status. Sandinista has everything from rap to gospel on it, I kid you not. Anyhow, I've got a slight sneaking suspicion this won't be the last time The Clash feature here!

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