Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Singles 81>85

I'd been thinking of getting this compilation for a while seeing as it could be a while before my collection of Depeche Mode remasters grows. Also it has two exclusive tracks - one of which I really wanted - so I would have got it eventually anyway. Anyhow, this compilation was actually originally released in 1985, but was reissue and remastered in 1998 to coincide with the release of the compilation The Singles 86>98. The two bonus tracks on this CD weren't on the original 1985 release and one of them was never on an official CD before at all. One is the Schizo mix of Just Can't Get Enough but the real gem for me here is the original Some Bizarre version of Photographic. I love the Speak & Spell version of Photographic but I think I prefer the frantic energy of the original Some Bizzare version just a tad more if I'm honest! As an extra bonus (well for me at least) the booklet contains a review of each single from the time of it's original release, and the one for Blasphemous Rumors/Somebody was written by one Neil Tennant, prior to finding fame as lead singer of Pet Shop Boys! Definitely a worthwhile purchase for me, I just hope its not long before I get another Depeche Mode album!

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