Thursday, 12 January 2012

Update one: Bad news.

Bad news (and for me its pretty terrible) is that my beloved record store is closing down. Anyone who talks to me on an even semi regular basis knows how much I love physically going shopping for CD's, and my place of choice is a store called Head. Head will be no more from this Saturday due to the lease of the building being up.Clothing line Superdry have taken over the unit and thats that. I find that pathetic given that Head supported local artists, something which the more mainstream oriented HMV didn't even do.  Incredibly hypocritical from the local council who tell us to support our local music scene after hosting the EMA's. Anyone who lives in Belfast and who also buys CD's will probably agree with me that Head is very reasonable in terms of prices (I was a legendary sucker for their 3 for 10 deal). Whilst the stock isn't as great as the nearby HMV (The main UK outlet for music) they were always my first preference for CD's, and as I do listen to slightly more obscure and overlooked artists, they actually suited my taste a lot more as opposed to HMV which had a greater selection of more current/mainstream artists. HMV's prices are simply ridiculous, and out of my ever growing CD collection, only about 10, if even, came from HMV were around 50 or so came from Head. I particularly feel for people who collect vinyl, as allegedly Head had the best selection of vinyl in Belfast. I can't be sure, but I only know two other places that sell vinyl, one of which is was a clothing store by nature and as such doesn't have much selection at all and the other one was second hand. Head closing down means that there is no record store other than the very expensive HMV located in the city centre which is a crying shame. I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't miss it!

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