Saturday, 28 January 2012

Madonna - Bedtime Story

Madonna's Bedtime Story is probably my favourite single from her, only rivalled by Justify My Love. The song was written by Bjork, and you can definitely feel her influence on the track and its easy to imagine her singing this song. The song is the penultimate track on Madonna's sorely overlooked album Bedtime Stories, and does have a very different sound to the other tracks. The album is a soft R+B kind of sound, but bizzarely this experimental electronic track seems to fit in! It foreshadows the work that Madonna would do on her next album, Ray of Light I think. Its a hybrid of ambient/house beats that sound totally different to anything Madonna has done before or since. The song has been cited by critics as one with a lot of unfulfiled potential and I would have to agree! The song has hardly ever been performed live, only serving as an interlude in the Reinvention Tour. It also seems to be slightly more forgotten about in comparision to her classic singles like Vogue etc, which is absolutely criminally as this is Madonna at her experimental best.

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