Thursday, 2 February 2012

Very Relentless

I don't have any massively rare Pet Shop Boys CD's (Well, unless the Further Listenings count) but this is one of the rarer ones. It actually is the 3rd copy of Very I own (I also have the 2009 remastered album and the Further Listening disc) but I bough this one for the second disc, Relentless. Its a mainly instrumental dance album that only lasts 37 minutes. Its an absolutely brilliant little EP that I thoroughly recommend if you like their more expiremental material, I prefer it to a number of their albums actually. I payed £10 for a used copy of it, buying it through Amazon Marketplace. The item is in pretty good condition considering the CD has been long out of print, although it has a weird musky kind of smell, I guess due to age. I think new copies of this are pretty costly, I think it cost £50 new when I was looking for it, although when I was researching my Relentless review for my PSB blog I read that in 2007 it cost closer to £80 according to an Amazon review! I know a few petheads outside of UK have had difficulties finding this one, so it wish it was remastered (with bonus tracks if possible) because it is a hidden gem!
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