Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Electronic - Get The Message

Released in 1991 as Electronic's second single, this is one of my favourite songs of theirs. Its become one of their most well known songs along with Dissappointed and Getting Away With It. It reached 8 in the UK Charts, placing it just behind Dissapointed as their highest charting single. It is worth noting though, that out of this trio of songs that they are best remembered for however, Get The Message is the only one that doesn't feature Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys on guest or lead vocals. I think for that reason it definitely sounds a lot more like a proper Electronic song, as Dissapointed didn't sound too far away sounding from a Pet Shop Boys track. The music was written by Johnny Marr (lyrics were by Bernard Sumner) which I think you can definitely tell, it's more guitar driven than synthesizer driven. What I especially love about the music is how laidback it is. Its got this lovely summery feel to it which just suits Bernard's vocal I think. The song has been repeatedly stated as highlight of their self titled debut album and I would definitely have to agree with those comments. Johnny has also said himself on repeated occasions its probably the best track he's ever written, which considering the calibre of his work with The Smiths and the rest of Electronic, amongst other things is high praise indeed!

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