Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Killers - Read My Mind (Pet Shop Boys remix)

Well this is a nostalgic track for me! I adore the original Read My Mind, and this brilliant remix by the Pet Shop Boys ever since I first heard it in around 2007-2008. It was the first time I had ever heard any of their work. In fact, first time I heard this I remember hearing a voice that wasn't in the original, and rather embarrassingly I couldn't work out who it was. Obviously, I know now that it is indeed Neil Tennant singing. As you can imagine, this remix does mean that little bit more to me than most, given that its my two favourite groups together! The remix is definitely more dance oriented than the original, and has a particularly brilliant electro breakdown. For me, this sounds pretty much like what a proper Killers/Pet Shop Boys collaboration would sound like, and I really hope that a proper collaboration happens soon! It is featured on Pet Shop Boys Disco 4 album, but only on the Read My Mind single if your a Killers fan looking for a copy. It seems to be a popular remix, and hopefully a foreshadow of a future collaboration between these two groups! Great remix!    

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