Monday, 20 February 2012

Unexpected gems

I found a great little store in one of the area's of Belfast city center that I'm not usually in. Its a collectable's store that sells comics, vinyl, VHS tapes and some CD's. I didn't find any Pet Shop Boys records, but I did see about half of Morrissey's albums in the CD part for about £3 each. I also seen some George Michael singles. I didn't have a massive look in the vinyl section (I'm small, and couldn't even see the top shelves) but I did see Erasure - Two Ring Circus, Prince - Parade and Saint Etienne - Avenue in the vinyl section though. I didn't buy any of them, I don't buy vinyl unless its something I really desperately want that costs about £3. They also had Blur - Parklife and a VHS tape from a Madchester era band called The Farm that I really like but like vinyl, I don't collect either VHS nor cassette. I eventually settled on Grace Jone's most recent album and two Madonna singles from the 90s.

When I went into the only proper record store in city center they had a massive sale on. They were selling various albums in their 2 for £10 deal that I really wanted so I had a hard time choosing. They had greatest hits by The Cure, New Order, Kate Bush, The Farm and I'm pretty sure there were others too (I had to rush around HMV because my dad and me had two hours to get out of town and we were pushing it) I eventually settled on The Farm and Kate Bush's greatest hits, but I'm hoping to go back in there sometime this week to have a proper look

I did order some things online too, New Order - Waiting For The Sirens Call arrived on Saturday and I've just ordered Madonna - American Life. So after 6 years of being a fan I've finally got all her studio albums! I'm ordering a few other bits and pieces this week too, so I'll post more when they get here!

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