Sunday, 12 February 2012

Michael Jackson Opus

By far my most expensive music memorabilia that I've got, I got this in May of last year. The Opus is a massive (and I do mean massive, the picture doesn't do it justice but I honestly can't lift it) book that is more of a tribute to the work of Michael Jackson, it was released in December 2009, six months after his untimely death. The the purple and pink thing at the bottom of the picture is actually my leg, so it is pretty huge. I loved the book from first sight, but initially had it down as one of those things I would love to have but would never get, my mother did tell me though that one day I'd have it. There was talk of me getting it as a possible present for finishing my GCSE's but due to money issues at the time that didn't happen. However, we had a stroke of good fortune at the start of 2011 and came out of those troubles, and my parents decided to give me and my brother a massive present to make up for the previous year or so which had been pretty terrible. So in May, I ordered my Opus online from the official MJ site, lets just say, it wasn't cheap. It was delivered by special delivery two days after it had been ordered, and needless to say when the gate went that day I nearly screamed with excitement! It is gorgeous, its very glossy, so the pictures (and there is loads of them) look fantastic, and the fan art section at the back is particularly adorable. It wasn't cheap but it was worth every penny

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