Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A cool little thing that happened last night

Evening everyone, I had originally written this post last night but internet difficulties prevented me from publishing it until now. Oh well - its not a big thing, just something very cool that happened. Well, as you all know by now I am a massive fan of The Clash and of Joe Strummer. Love the band, love the man. And I miss him terribly to boot. What just happened is largely insignificant I guess, but for me I really loved it. I was reading up some more information about The Clash's upcoming Soundsystem boxset and The Clash Hits Back compilation. The Art Show - which is a local programme all about the arts (could you guess?) was on in the background. I wasn't really following it, but the guest was talking about the future of Northern Ireland. He spoke the words "Like Joe Strummer once said, the future is unwritten". I was taken aback, but also incredibly happy. Most likely because Joe died when I was a little girl and I've only became a fan of The Clash last year meaning that there's never going to be any news or new quotes from Joe himself. I'm going to admit to something very personal here: I used to be very upset about that when I became a fan initially last year. A great man died too young. You know, honestly there's little in this world I would love more than the chance to see The Clash live, or dare I say even meet Joe. Not that I would be able to speak if I ever had met him though: most likely I'd just thank him and either profusely shake or cry (or probably both). Too much over reaction? Perhaps - but I simply cannot deny the unbelievable influence The Clash and Joe have had on me since I became a fan. He is quite simply one of the biggest inspirations in my life, sometimes all I need to do is remember a line from The Clash or a quote of Joe and suddenly I have a brighter perspective on things. It's powerful the influence music can have on you. Not that Joe would ever want someone to be miserable about his death though. I think the ultimate way to remember him is to put his lyrics into action - make a positive change as opposed to mourn his passing. Meeting Joe? One of the biggest wishes of my life, but it's sadly impossible. I can't change that (and believe me I wish he were here still) but what I can - and that means so can you - is the world. As Joe himself once said. I'm blathering on now but I simply loved hearing someone local quote him on TV. It's a lovely bit of proof - coupled along with the Joe Strummer themed rooms at the Oh Yeah music center in town - that even though he's physically gone, his spirit willl never die.

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