Thursday, 30 May 2013

Supporting Strummerville (Finally!)

The T-shirt I've ordered.
So in literally the last 15 minutes or so I finally did something I've been wanting to for ages: buy a shirt of either The Clash or Joe Strummer! The reason its taken so long is because I wanted to wait until I had most (if not all) their official music and DVD releases. Also I love CDs in general: my friends all say by the time I'm 50 I'll just live in a house made of them. I've got about 350 as is at 19 years of age so God knows how much I'll have then.... I digress though. I've also really wanted to support Strummerville - it's a dream of mine to one day organize an event in support of it. I also ordered some postcards because as of yet I haven't been able to locate a poster in Belfast - and I haven't seen any online that's made me go "wow!". In any case this is all for charity so its a lot better supporting Strummerville am I right? I'd urge you all to support it actually if you like Joe and The Clash because the T-shirts on there are really nice! I can see myself ordering a few if I'm honest. As I've said before I'm turning my family into fans of The Clash and Joe so I can see my house sporting a few Strummerville shirts. I'm not sure when exactly it'll be here but as it's being delivered first class I can't imagine it'll be too long. Next week I'm also ordering the US version of The Clash and the remastered edition of Rock Art & The X-Ray Style which is the only album of Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros that I'm missing. So in two weeks time when it's all here I'll finally take that picture of my ever growing collection of The Clash & Joe Strummer that I've been promising I'd do for weeks. And who knows, if the new skincare programme I start tomorrow (I've got very bad psorasis) works as well as it should you might even see a picture of me actually in my shirt! Plenty of posts coming up in the meantime though so stay tuned and thanks for reading!

To see the Strummerville shop click here!

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