Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Why I'm A Fan: Madonna

Madonna is my favourite female artist, has been since I began listening to her seven years ago. I'm the only Madonna fan I know. In fact most of my family and friends dislike her, particularly her personality. Yes, she's a controversial figure but I love that about her. I don't always agree with what she says or does, but I fully respect her at all times because she just doesn't care what others think of her. You have to admire that. In a modern music industry were artists lack personalities sometimes; artists like Madonna are more relevant than ever. So how did I become a fan? When I was small I used to love Beautiful Stranger, but following that my first proper introduction to Madonna came when Hung Up was released. Initially I didn't like the song and it was played everywhere which didn't help. It did grow on me though until I eventually liked it (although it has never been one of my favourite tracks), and I decided to check out Confessions On A Dancefloor. That album, coupled with seeing clips of the Confessions tour online got me hooked. From then on in I was sold. I began listening to her previous albums in earnest. Songs like Justify My Love made a big impression on me at the time - I was twelve when I began exploring her thoroughly. In terms of favourite albums I have four that I can't decide between: Bedtime Stories, Ray Of Light, Erotica and Confessions On A Dancefloor. I know its controversial to prefer Bedtime Stories to say, Like A Prayer (which is still a terrific album) but there's just something about Bedtime Stories that keeps me revisiting it. I do feel that both Hard Candy and MDNA were a tad more complacent than usual so I hope that for her thirteenth effort she pushes the boundaries more like I know she can. She's in no way past her best and could make an album up there with her best if she applies herself I think!
Favourite album: A tie between Bedtime Stories, Ray of Light, Confessions on A Dancefloor and Erotica. But if I had to choose just one... it'd probably be Erotica
Favourite Songs: Rain, Forbidden Love (both songs), Get Together, Cherish, Physical Attraction, Erotica, Bad Girl, Love Spent, Drowned World, Justify My Love, Holiday, Some Girls, Open Your Heart. Express Yourself. Keep It Together. Skin. Bedtime Story. Angel. Inside Of Me.

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