Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pet Shop Boys - Fluorescent teaser (and first Electric review).

So, last night on the Pet Shop Boys website a somewhat cryptic Pet Text that - along with a new Electric style graphic - teased something would be happening very soon. New single announcement? Album stream? Speculation was rife. Their official website has now been updated with links to two things: both of which should be of interest to fans. First of all, there's the first review courtesy of The Quietus. It's track by track and it's left me more intrigued about the album than ever (not to mention excited because it's a favourable review).  No doubt the confirmation that the album is a ballad free zone will only increase fan excitement. I must include myself in that sector of fans actually. When you consider three out of their four last studio albums have been Release, Fundamental and Elysium I did feel they needed to release a more dancefloor oriented album pretty soon. I just hope I take to the album more than I've taken to Daft Punk's new album - even on replays that album is just not gelling with me. I've no doubt I will though because I've loved what I've heard from the album so far. Well honesty Fluorescent isn't exciting me quite as much as the live versions of Love Is A Bourgeois Construct and Vocal have (not forgetting the studio version of Axis) but I did listen to the snippet when I was half awake and at low volume. No doubt I'll like it more when I relisten later - and it is just a snippet after all. And I do like it as is already. In any case I'm a bit confused as to if/when there's going to be a single announcement - I hope we get more news on that soon because July is now just around the corner (where is this year going?). Anyway - I'll be show to post on any news that comes to light!

Click here to read the review!

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