Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Collection: The Clash book botch up

So, this is another gift I recieved for my birthday two weeks ago. My brother knows I love The Clash and he'd been torn with the idea of either getting me this book or their singles boxset. In the end he decided to go for the book because he knows I love coffee table style books (last year one of his gifts was Kevin Cummin's Joy Division book). I had been wanting this book for a good while, I had originally planned to get the paperback edition until I discovered the hardcover edition existed. Part of me was debating whether to get the paperback edition though because its cheaper and easier to read but I had read that the book also has a lot of pictures so I thought its best suited to coffee table style. When my brother gave the book I was so excited I barely took heed of him telling me there was a problem with it. When I opened it up, all became clear: it's in Spanish! I studied Spanish for five years and I have a qualification in it at GCSE level but the language in this book is a bit too advanced for me. I wasn't disappointed though - the book still looks beautifully done and the pictures are amazing. The book does have scans of articles which were written in English so I can at least read them for the time being. We can't send the book back because it did specify on the product page that it was in Spanish so Amazon weren't at fault or anything. It's okay though - its still good for the pictures. It's actually become the butt of a running joke: me and my brother now call this book "The Molesta Edition" because we have spent considerable time laughing at the Spanish lyrucs in Should I Stay Or Should I Go? My brother is going to order the paperback edition very soon (this week all being well) so I can't wait to finally read the actual text!

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