Thursday, 23 May 2013

The only person not feeling Random Access Memories?

Afternoon all, it's relatively early in the afternoon here in Northern Ireland but judging by that grey and dank sky out there. I wouldn't be suprised if there's a downpour in the next few hours or so. Anyhow, that minor detail out of the way let's move onto the topic that I wish to share with you.

So, the big album of the moment is Daft Punk's new offering Random Access Memories. Everyone seems to be raving about it... except for me. Honestly, I wanted to love this album, I swear. I really love Get Lucky and I've really liked all of Daft Punk's prior albums so my expectations for this album were absolutely through the roof. It's not that I think the album is poor as such... I'm just really struggling to get into it. I have to give credit where credit is due for it though: it's certainly a creative album. Very creative by anyone's standards and such creativity is only highlighted considering a lot of electronic music for the last number of years has been stale and uninspiring to say the least. In saying that like I said earlier I'm struggling to get into a lot of the tracks. For me, I have to admire a song like Giorgio Moroder but I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed it.  It's borderline self-indulgent to me. I have to say I love Touch though, and the album is growing on me very slowly. I think my main problem with the album is that it's a rather long record (around seventy minutes) but I don't feel it has an awful lot of wow moments for an album that length. Maybe it's the sort of album best enjoyed as a collective piece though. I can see myself enjoying the album in a certain mood: like if I wanted to to listen to some chilled music on a Friday night as opposed to an album packed with dancefloor fillers. Having said that I've felt that Daft Punk's previous three albums have balanced relaxing and danceable music very well, so I think I would always play one of them quicker than I would play Random Access Memories. Never say never though, I disliked what is now my favourite Pet Shop Boys album for a straight year!

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