Friday, 3 May 2013

First listen: Phoenix - Bankrupt

So, we're just under halfway through 2013 but I've already had a stack of albums to investigate. I have to admit, I've been behind on them. I still haven't heard the new offerings by Johnny Marr, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Suede (amongst others) in full yet. So today I've decided to one by one work my way through my list of new releases that I need to get caught up with. After all - May is going to be a busy month for me with Daft Punk, Primal Scream and Vampire Weekend. I had originally began by playing Charli XCX's new album. Sadly it only took me two tracks before her vocals began to slightly grate on me so I changed it over for Phoenix's new album, called Bankrupt. I don't know a huge amount of Phoenix's work but what I have heard, I've really liked. I liked it enough to be looking forward to their new album. I have to say, it was pleasant enough I guess but it didn't blow me away. I loved Entertainment, Don't and Oblique of The City. As for the other tracks. I liked them all I guess, but I wasn't really wowed by them. The only track I didn't like though (and I really didn't like it actually) was the title track. It was too long, over indulgent and a borderline chore to listen too. That being said, the album did have some musical styles in it that I wouldn't have expected. For example, I could hear oriental style melodies on Entertainment. Would I listen to Bankrupt again? Yes I would (and I will). It's not awful by any means, I just wasn't as initially blown away by it as I was expecting. Albums do usually grow on me so I will probably come to appreciate it more. Here's hoping!

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