Sunday, 28 April 2013

Collection: The Clash Singles

So I got this delightful boxset as a birthday gift (and it wasn't the only Clash related item, I ended up with two copies of their official book). Anyhow, this has been something I've been wanting for a good few months. I've never actually bought singles in abundance to be honest with you. By the time I was starting to develop a serious interest in music they seemed to be dying out as a format. I've always much preferred full albums. That said, I love well designed boxets, and The Clash had so many good tracks on the flip sides of their singles. This boxset is absolutely beautiful. It's 19 discs and contains every single they ever made. And if a track had one B-side in one country and a different one in another both are included. It really is as comprehensive as you could get. The design is also amazing. Each single is a mini vinyl replica. It's perfect for me really because whilst I do admire the visual appeal of vinyl I don't collect it. I don't have a record player. This way I get the aesthetic benefits (in miniature form) but I have the material in a format I can actually play and enjoy. It also has a very lovely booklet where each single is given a commentary by at least one (or more sometimes) well known musician. Many of my favourite musicans offer their thoughts on Clash singles such as Bernard Sumner, Damon Albarn, Ian Brown and John Squire to name a few. Honestly, considering they were punk's most creative band of all time (and I'd even go so far as to say most creative rock band) of all time I would expect nothing less though!

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