Friday, 26 April 2013

Collection: I finally found 808 State's Quadrastate EP!

So this week and last I ordered some things from Amazon for my birthday, but this I definitely didn't expect to find. I love 808 State, and their Quadrastate EP is one of my favourite records. Sadly, when I first heard it two years ago I tried to find a copy of it on CD and was unsuccessful. In fact at the time I wrote the briefest blog post on it HERE. I tried looking for it many times on Amazon but the only time it was issued on CD was as part of their 2008 series of remastered albums, but for some reason it's always been unavailable on Amazon despite their other albums being easily obtainable. Even on Amazon Marketplace it seemed to never be available. So last week when I saw a brand new copy of it for £4 for sale on an Amazon Marketplace seller that I hadn't used before I was so excited and ordered it immediately. It came two days ago and I was so excited, I had thought this was one CD I would never get! Now if only I can get similar luck with Joe Strummer's Earthquake Weather album...

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