Friday, 26 April 2013

Finally watched End of A Century!

So today I finally watched something I've been meaning to do for a few weeks - End Of The Century: The Story of The Ramones. It was a very enjoyable documentary. My investigation of The Ramones is pretty much in its infancy. I've only heard a few albums but earlier in the week I did receive my copy of their Hey Ho, Let's Go! anthology in the post because I've liked pretty much all of what I've heard so far. As I said before I really enjoyed the documentary. I probably would have liked it to focus on their music slightly more however but that's just a side issue. It was very cool how they gave themselves the stage surname Ramone to bestow a sense of unity in the group even though in actuality none of the band members were even related. It was even more interesting when it became clear that despite these attempts the band members contrasted with each other particularly Joey and Johnny. I particularly liked Joey Ramone actually. The documentary also featured one of my favourite musicians (and human beings) as an interviewee - Joe Strummer (in what must have been one of his last interviews). It also featured other key musicians of the era such as Blondie. Watching the documentary in 2013 was actually quite moving as all but one of the original members of the group (Tommy Ramone) has now died, along with Joe Strummer. End of A Century, end of an era I think. But to end on a more positive note I do really recommend this documentary, its funny in places, moving in others but always very interesting and informative!

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