Friday, 26 April 2013

New stuff being added to the blog

As you may or may not know I also have a collection blog were I share pictures of my own personal music collection. When I amalgamated my other various blogs together to create this main blog you're currently reading I had originally decided against the collection blog being put in with it. There's quite a lot of posts there and I know some people just have no interest in collection posts whatsoever. Not to mention theres that many posts it would be borderline spam Having said that I like having just one blog, its easier to manage and all that. So I've decided I will cease to post on that collection blog but I will start posting more collection based posts on this one. It'll only be for items that are out of print, vinyl (not that I own much vinyl) or are somewhat rare or unusual in some way. I don't think very many people would be interested if I just posted up a picture of say my standard copy of Gorillaz's Demon Days album. I'll post up items that have more unusual stories and I'll try to make one or two today. Thanks for reading!

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