Saturday, 14 September 2013

Collection: Madonna MDNA Tour arrives (although that may not be a good thing)

So after what feels like waiting a particularly long time, the new MDNA Tour bluray and CD arrived today! I must confess: I haven't actually watched it yet, nor listened to the CD. I deliberately avoided the EPIX Broadcast (bar a few clips) from a few months ago apart from the Paris Olympia show and the Superbowl, I haven't actually watched any live MDNA footage. I've heard rave reviews though for the MDNA tour, so my expectations are even higher than they usually are for a Madonna show. It's also going to be very interesting though because I've seen a lot of complaints about the quality of the bluray. In fact, Amazon UK have withdrawn it from sale, pending a review. I've read that Amazon Germany have acknowledged there is a fault with the bluray too. Truth be told - I'm not one for detecting such issues. Unless they are woefully bad. I mean I remember there being a lot of complains about the Celebration DVD set but - to my eyes at least - the picture was fine. With this though it's supposed to be awful. Of course, I've yet to watch any of it myself  (I'm going to watch a bit of it shortly before bed, but it won't be the full show). I'll be sure to post a follow-on post once I see the show and form my own opinions on the matter.

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