Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Collection: Two lovely unexpected Joe Strummer items.

Yesterday, my Amazon order arrived. My definite last one until next week when the Madonna MDNA Tour and The Clash new releases start arriving. This one actually comprises two (somewhat) rare Joe Strummer items. Last week I was originally planning to order some Clash items on a site I discovered called Punk Rock Shop. Although when I was on Amazon I discovered I could get A Permanent Record for much the same price. It's a limited edition book, so I could imagine in time it would become pretty rare. It was a book I had been after too. It's by Julien Yewdall and is a black and white photography book. He met Joe in 1974 and captured some beautiful shots of The 101ers and early photographs of The Clash. The vast majority are unseen. Worth every penny. Earthquake Weather was the really unexpected one. Along with The Future Is Unwritten soundtrack and the Let's Rock Again! DVD it had been a notable absentee from my collection. That was until my preferred Amazon seller - Zovestocks - finally got a copy of it in last week. I wasn't planning on ordering anything but I simply had to order it as soon as I saw it. In over six months of searching I've never seen a copy from a trusted seller on Amazon. I've never even seen a copy of it that falls below the £20 mark. Due to rarity (it sold poorly and has never been reissued) I figured I'd have to fork out £20 for it eventually. As it stands I actually paid substantially less because Zoversocks are very cheap. To be honest I never thought I would get the album because it's long out of print and copies of it are becoming increasingly rare. It's the same with the Bob Gruen photography book too. I'm rather bowled over that I've ended up with two of the potentially more tricky items to locate from my Clash/Joe Strummer want-list. Hopefully, I can have similar luck with the Bob Gruen book!

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