Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Cryptic Killers message and Sound System dispatches!

Good news everybody, Sound System was dispatched earlier today! It's expected to be here no later than Saturday. Relief all round, and the excitement can now start to truly build as I anticipate its arrival. To say me and my brother (who pre-ordered his own copy also) are eager to finally see and hear it is an understatement. There's still nothing in the post yet either, regarding my other items. I'm expecting that to change tomorrow. Of course - I'll post any arrivals here, although that won't be until tomorrow night because Thursday is my busy day. In any case, things are literally on the move so it's all good.

The Morse Code message.
Anyway, there's some very exciting news today if you are a Victim (a fan of The Killers). I'll admit I've not been following the latest news rigidly (shameful). However, a few weeks ago they teased us by saying a big announcement is coming this month. They've also said they wish to commemorate the upcoming tenth anniversary of their first London show (which is in late September). It seems like the two are linked. As they played London's Wembley stadium at the end of June, it would be fitting to release that Wembley show on DVD on this anniversary year wouldn't it? Earlier today their Facebook page posted a cryptic Morse code message that when translated reads as "The Killers shot at the night". It does lend credence to the theory that a Wembley DVD is imminent. However, the October issue of Vanity Fair magazine may have revealed what this announcement will be. In the Hot Tracks section of the magazine they have said that a greatest hits compilation, containing three new songs, is due for release in the autumn. It's highly likely that the already confirmed M83 collaboration will be one of those new songs. To be honest it's most likely the greatest hits. However, I think there may be some sort of special edition with the Wembley show DVD. In any case, expect news this coming Monday (a now deleted tweet mentioned September 16th). I'm intrigued to see what it is, to say the least!

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