Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wonderful new song and wonderment.

Afternoon all, on what is day two of what should be a week of musical madness. So far - it's got off to a disappointing start. I'm due seven items this week, none of them have arrived so far, the postman has literally just came. Worse yet - I've got no official confirmation that Sound System has dispatched. Although there is a chance it may have been. You see, the app on iPhone/iPad etc says "Dispatching soon" but on any internet browser it says "Dispatching now". It's been saying that since Saturday. My account has been charged also, and that only tends to happen when an item has been dispatched. My brother is having the exact same issue with his copy too. I really don't know what is going on. I'm disappointed if there is a glitch in the system to be honest. If not, then it's a disgrace. There's no excuse for taking this long to dispatch something that was preordered nearly three months ago.

Limited edition 12" cover
However - there is a new song that has, quite frankly, bowled me over. Reflektor, from Arcade Fire's upcoming album. I only know a handful of songs by them. I like them so far, and they do a brilliant cover version of The Clash's Guns of Brixton to boot. I was hoping to get into them more with their upcoming album actually. That only looked even more likely after learning it would be produced by James Murphy (aka LCD Soundsystem). It definitely sounds at least somewhat like an LCD Soundsystem track, with it's little electronic flourishes. I absolutely love the percussion parts too. The track definitely bears the influence of Talking Heads too. And just to take things up another notch, they've got an exceptional talent on backing vocals (albeit briefly): David Bowie, no less. I love his brief vocals. On first listen I did really like the song but I felt it perhaps ran a minute or so too long, it's quite lengthy at almost eight listens. On repeated listens though that stance has firmly been diminished.It's got a really lovely groove to it, and the arrangement is very infectious. After learning that the album will be a double album too, I really can't wait to hear it now!

That's all for now, and probably for the day, unless something unexpected crops up. It's almost certain that something will arrive tomorrow, hopefully it will and I'll have an update on Sound System by then!

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