Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Reviewed: Pet Shop Boys - Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (Digital Single)

Today I've finally been able to listen to the first digital bundle for Love Is A Bourgeois Construct. A decidedly mixed bag really, here's my initial impressions:

Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (Nighttime Radio edit)
The first remix is the better of the two. Honestly, it's not that far removed from the original. It's just got more synthesizers. It's an inoffensive remix that keeps the essence of the original, something which can't be said for a lot of Pet Shop Boys remixes. Having said that, it does nothing to advance the song either. Not awful, but nothing special either. Stuart Price has done far better remixes than this to be honest.

The first of two new B-sides. It's not awful, but give Pet Shop Boys extremely high standards for B-sides... it's very ordinary. Musically, it's totally Electric in sound. It lacks the impact of say, Shouting In The Evening for me though. The lyrics also don't help, the few that there are. The song is simply an apology to German fans for not being able to speak German. To be honest, the whole song feels like a throwaway. It wouldn't sound out of place on Electric, but it wouldn't stand out on it at all. It's very much the definition of B-side really.

Get It Online
By far the best song out of this package. Get It Online wouldn't fit on Electric really. It's a little bit too retro in sound (it's very Kraftwerk actually). Also, it's far more relaxed and less punchy than the Electric tracks. Like Entschuldigung lyrics are minimal. What's not minimal in Get It Online though are prominent Pet Shop Boys vocals. I have to say I love Neil's vocal work here, and the rather unusual vocal line/effects. It makes for interesting listening. Even addictive listening - Also the subject matter - the dominance of Internet culture - gives it the sort of universal appeal that Entschuldigung perhaps lacks. Not the best Pet Shop Boys B-side by any means, but a worthy addition.

Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (The Penelopes Remix Radio Edit)
Remixes of Pet Shop Boys songs always leave me with some degree with trepidation. Given some of the horrendous remixes that have surfaced on past singles, can you blame me really? Thankfully, this mix wasn't the worst I've heard. Much like the Night-time mix though, it was very ordinary. I did like the last minute of the track though, were it takes a more interesting direction. In fact if the music there comprised more of the mix I'd have liked it a lot more. As it stands, it's listenable but forgettable.

It's an average EP all round really, and the only track I can see myself listening to on a frequent basis is Get It Online. Later on I'll listen to the second bundle, titled Love Is A Bourgeois Construct Remixed. I'm slightly apprehensive about that though because it's got low ratings on Discogs. I'll be back later in any case.

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