Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A great MCR video.

A good friend of mine sent me the link to this very funny little clip that I thought was simply too good not to post. Its of a My Chemical Romance concert, were lead singer Gerard Way gives his reaction to a girl flashing her breasts for attention. I have to be honest and say musically they're not my personal taste (Although I do love some songs and they're still very talented regardless), one thing I have to take my imaginary hat off to these guys for though is the way they conduct themselves. They always come across as really down to earth and just generally really nice people, to be honest I wish some of the artists I like could be this professional sometimes. I've seen a few interviews with them and they seem to have real self respect for themselves which is refreshing, considering a lot of celebrities will do stupid things to generate publicity. So although their music isn't my thing, to the guys at My Chemical Romance, your still awesome!

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  1. Didn't at all search your whole blog for this... :3