Sunday, 20 November 2011

Artists of the Moment

 Soft Cell
Been a fan of Tainted Love for many years but only now am I going to investigate the other work of this duo. Working my way through their first album at the minute and I have to say it is a brilliant listen, the group sound like they are criminally overlooked! Really enjoying Bedsitter, Sex Dwarf and Chips On My Shoulder at the minute!
Tears for Fears - Tears For Fears

Tears For Fears
Another underappreciated duo. This isn't so much as new seeing as I heard Songs From The Big Chair a number of months ago. Over the past few days I've been playing their debut album The Hurting a lot and it is absolutely brilliant! So far loving Ideas as Opiates and Mad World in particular! Going to give their third album a listen soon and really looking forward to it!                                                                                  

The Beatles
I have to be honest and say I used to think these guys were overated, on account of disliking Hey Jude. I still don't like that song. It took them a bit longer to grow on me when I started listening to them even, but I think its because I've never really listened to music of the 60s that much. However now they are really growing on me, and I rarely do this but have to admit I was very wrong about these guys! Help particularly is impressing me as is their debut and some  B-sides!

Like The Beatles, I also wasn't too fond of this guy either. I think it was because he scared me a little to be perfectly honest. Once I started listening to his work though more objectively I have realised though that Prince is a very talented man. Some of his more sexual lyrics do awkward me out slightly there is no denying his talent. Sign Of The Times in particular was a brilliant album as was the Purple Rain soundtrack. Just finished listening to his 80s output and going to start the 90s very soon!

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