Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Favourite group (Part two) Pet Shop Boys

I know I bent the rules slightly, but I couldn't choose between The Killers or the Pet Shop Boys. I've only been a Pet Shop Boys fan for little over a year (On 26th June 2010 after watching their Glastonbury performance) but they've inspired me so much (and their music has got me through some rough times) so to ignore them would be criminal I feel. Whilst watching Glastonbury 2010 I was immediatlely fascinated with their style, they were unlike anything I had ever seen before. I loved their PopArt greatest hits CD (Still probably the most consistently good hits compilation I have heard) and particularly loved Can You Forgive Her, Heart and What Have I Done To Deserve This. In terms of albums my favourites would be Very and Behaviour (I do have a particular love for the Behaviour era if I'm honest). His voice may be an aquired taste, but you can't argue that Neil Tennant has an unmistakably distinctive tone, which I personally love. Although I do think his talent lies with lyrics moreso, the man is a lyrical genius. I have to echo Brandon Flowers sentiments and agree that Chris Lowe is some sort of synth wizard behind that silent exterior. I've never seen them live (do own a tour programme though of Performance), but I've promised myself that their next tour I am so going to be heading down to Dublin for it. I am thinking of going VIP possibly, but I think meeting them, whilst it would be an absolute dream come true, the shock and obligatory excitement may result in a heart attack. Nevertheless, roll on Feburary 2012 for Format and next autumn for the new album!

Honourable Mentions:

  • U2
  • Erasure
  • The Jacksons
  • Happy Mondays
  • Stone Roses
  • Joy Division 
  • New Order
  • Electronic

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