Thursday, 24 November 2011

Currently unavailable..... *sigh*

Finally got round to some album testing these past few days. An album (well EP) that I fell in love with was 808 State - Quadrastate. Ever had one of those musical moments were you fall in love and its something along the lines of "I need to buy this CD as soon as humanly possible?", well for me it was one of those CD's. So I go onto the usually excellent Amazon UK website, knowing that 808 State had released some remastered albums in the last few years as well as a greatest hits this year. Of course, one album came up as "Currently Unavailable" and it was, you guessed it, Quadrastate! I don't even think a high portion of the tracks were on their recent greatest hits CD so I've got absolutely no clue how to track that down. Damn!

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