Friday, 25 November 2011

My favourite finds of the year: Songs

Electronic ft Neil Tennant - Disappointed
I guess for anyone who knows me personally this will hardly be a suprise. I fell in love with this sorely overlooked track over the summer and its been a regular play on the ipod since. This was Electronics highest charting single over here in the UK, and strangely enough is sung entirely by Neil Tennant who wasn't actually a member of the group. Not going to lie, thats probably why I like it so much! By and large seems forgotten about now. I can't understand why, this is a brilliant song with a totally infectious chorus. I also really love Neil's voice here and his lyrics. This just makes me wish he had done more work with Electronic!

Prince - I Would Die 4 U
One of many musical backtracks (your going to see that phrase a lot) was with the Purple One. I fell in love with Sign Of The Times overall as an album but for best song it may just have to be this little gem of the Purple Rain soundtrack. This is one of those ridiculously infectious songs that no matter how cheesed off I may be, when it comes on the ipod I will be garantueed to start strutting around like a right royal plonker. The live version from the Purple Rain tour was also awesome. Absolutely brilliant song from someone who is fast climbing my list of favourite artists!

Talking Heads - Slippery People
This was one band that surprised me, big time! I'd never listened to them before, although when I heard Once In A Lifetime I had one of those "Oh I always liked that song!" moments. Having said that my favourite Talking Heads song is Slippery People. The studio version from Speaking in Tongues is great, but on Stop Making Sense (the first version of the song I had heard) was just too good. Those backing vocals just absolutely make it, and despite his quirky vocal delivery David Byrne is quite a genius!

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