Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Favourite group (Part 1): The Killers

 I can't pick just one for my favourite groups. So here is the first one. The Killers were my first real musical love if I'm honest, since the age of 10 years old. At the time, I was wholeheartedly convinced that Brandon Flowers was the most adorable human being on the planet (7 years later and I still have a massive crush on him). I remember being osbessed with their Hot Fuss era singles when they were first released. I borrowed Hot Fuss off my brother who said it was a brilliant album, and when I listened to it I loved it so much I kept it until earlier this year! Whoops! Anyhow. Their second album Sam's Town was a drastic shock in sound (and in style, I wasn't a lover of Brandon's mustache in that era). The album still grew on me however and still has some of their absolute best ever songs. Once again, I loved their 3rd album Day and Age and needless to say I have been missing them dearly on their hiatus. Although Brandon did release a very solid solo album called Flamingo that is well worth checking out. I've actually managed to see them both times they've played in my home city of Belfast, in 2007 then in 2009 and they were absolutely phenomenal! The second time was probably my favourite, although the first time they did play On Top, which is my favorite Killers song and one I am unlikely to see live ever again. I can't wait for their comeback in early 2012 and I'm hoping they come back to Belfast!

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