Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A visual reminder of the man that is Joe Strummer.

I've seen plenty of pictures of The Clash - and Joe - since becoming a fan. The on stage ones capture his supreme showmanship, of course. However, this beautiful picture captures the essence of the man. It was taken by renowned rock and roll photographer Bob Gruen. The location? New York, the city which Joe and The Clash shared a natural affinity with. In a freezing cold winter's night, a tightly wrapped up Joe Strummer hands over money to a homeless person. Bob Gruen himself once said "I never saw Joe pass a needy or homeless person without giving them something". I think that speaks real volumes about the man. He genuinely did love humanity, he wasn't just saying that for the hell of it. I just love everything about this picture, you know? Namely the contrast - that really warm act of kindness taking place in such cold and chilly surroundings. His love of humanity was deep and true, and it's something I strive to apply to my life more. Not only an incredibly gifted musician, but a downright beautiful human too. Long live Joe Strummer.

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