Sunday, 25 August 2013

Finally finished Passion Is A Fashion.

So at long last - and boy it took a while - I finished this book! A quick backtrack through the blog says that I started this on the 9th July. Oh dear me. I took far too long to read it. I should have had this finished somewhere between two weeks to a month ago, but I went through a phase of finding it very difficult to read. Sometimes I get that, and it can last up to a month. Not good. I'm a fast reader, so it's almost like I burn myself out or something. I didn't even think that was possible! Worse still, my reading halted just as Mick Jones got sacked from the group. It wasn't even like I had that much to read. Anyway - don't take that as a comment against this book itself. I absolutely loved it. It's very funny, informative yet easy to read (yes, in spite of my odd reading habits). It was my first actual Clash biography, so there was plenty of new information to digest. Too much for one read actually, I'll definitely need to re-read this. My next book will be going back to Heavier Than Heaven, which is a biography on Kurt Cobain, and finishing that. I'm up to the start of 1994 in that, so obviously I'm nearly finished it too. The reason I didn't finish? Yep, you guessed it, reader's block (as I'll refer to it from now on). I know I got another book by The Clash on Friday there, but I won't start that for a bit. I want to finish Heavier Than Heaven then look at getting stuck into some novels because I could do with a break from just reading various music biographies over and over. After all, you've got to mix things up, right?

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