Friday, 16 August 2013

Happy Birthday Madonna!

Today is a very important day in my musical calendar: The one and only Madonna turns 55 today. I've been a Madonna fan since the age of about twelve, the Confessions era being my introduction. The impact Madonna has had on me is incalculable, when I really sit and reflect. Honestly, aside from friends and family she is by far and away the most influential female in my life. Really she's been the only female that's ever inspired me for whatever reason. She's been my favorite female artist ever since I became a fan, and I can't see that changing anytime soon. When you're twelve years old and you watch videos like Justify My Love and Erotica at that age (as I did) it really leaves an impact on you. It opened the doors of sexuality to me just as it began to enter my life through physical and emotional changes. I became a fan just as I entered the cocoon that is the teenage years. Through those years of self discovery, self acceptance and just general transition as develop from a girl into a woman her music has been a focal force. I've danced many a night away to Confessions On A Dancefloor, I've pondered and reflected to Ray Of Light, you get the picture. Through ecstasy and agony, hurt to hope, she's sound-tracked it all for me. Thirty-one years into her career, her influence is still massively felt throughout music, and yes, she is still very much relevant. You don't loose your relevance when you're a music legend on Madonna's scale. Can I name a favorite album? Like heck I can. It's actually a five-way (yes really) tie. Even then, there's a further two albums just behind them. . Happy birthday Queen of Pop <3

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